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Association of Steel Rolling Mills & Furnaces, Muzaffarnagar, views on Bureau of Indian standards (Amendment) Bill, 2012

We are very thankful to you for your kind attention to the matter put before your good self regarding the notification of the proposed amendments to Bureau of Indian standards (Amendment) Bill, 2012.and in view of the report of Shriram Institute for Industrial Research and Bharat Test House placed before you.

As per the test reports of TMT Bar of “SHRIRAM INSTITUTE FOR INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH” and  “Bharat Test House”, both TMT Bars were Perfect in Physical Properties and there are minor differences in Chemical Test, Which are as under:-

Test Conducted Shri Ram Institute Bharat Test House As per Standard (Min.) Conformity to Fe 500
 Physical Properties:-
 1. Tensile Strength 743  720.7  545  yes
 2. Yield Stress  637  609.8  500  yes
 3. Elongation (%)   17.5  17.8  12  yes
 4. Bend & Rebend Test  Satisfactory  Satisfactory  1.485  yes
 5. Mass per meter run (kg)  1.564  1.56    
 6. Deformations & Surface
    a. Mean ribs area
    b. Mean projected area of Transverse ribs









 Chemical Properties (% by wt.):-  (Max.)  Conformity to Fe 500
1. Carbon  0.20  0.23  0.30  yes
2. Sulphur  0.055  0.059  0.055  yes
3. Phosphorus  0.082  0.068  0.055  no
4. Sulphur + Phosphorus  0.135  0.127  0.105  no

 Kindly get the Expert view’s on the following Issues:-

  1. Whether this TMT Bar is fit or not for construction of any small Building or any two   storey or Five storey or above storey Building or any Bridge or any Railway Bridge?
  2. What will the impact on Building or Bridge if we use this TMT Bar?
  3. if any Building is collapsed in India with the reason of TMT Bar in last 50-60 years, kindly tell us the detail of that incident.

Regarding the second matter which was discussed with you on 17.04.2013 at BIS Auditorium, Manak Bhawan, New Delhi in the meeting of Stakeholders on the proposed amendments to Bureau of Indian standards (Amendment) Bill, 2012.

It was brought in your kind notice that girder i.e. I Section of size 150X150X75 and 125X125X60 are the minimum possible size of this section, which are commonly used by the villagers to cover some area for their animals (Goat, Cow and buffalo etc.). It is also used in replacement of wooden beams commonly known in the market (as Kadi, Balli and so on). It is very safe and cheaper for villagers in comparison to above wooden beams. It also help to serve the environment and save the forests.

In commercial market the I section commonly known as Girder is available in the following weights

Size In MM 150X150X75 125X125X60
Weights (Kg./Per feet) 2.500 1.800
  3.000 2.400
  3.500 2.800
  4.000 3.300
  4.500 3.800

 The users of small houses buy this light material as per advice of their Technical experts. As for a room size of 10X10 feet 1.800 Kg/feet girder is enough and in case they are forced to buy it as per ISI it will be very-2 costlier for the villagers as well as for the industries. In the interest of the General Public and to save the industry, this amendment must be dropped to allow the industry to cater the need of the mass.

Cost Comparison – Room size 10X10 Feet- Required no. of Girders for this 4, with a gap of 2 feet.

Total No. of Girder used 4X10 feet=40 Feet
Weight as per ISI Kg/Feet = 4.330 *40=173.2 Kg @ 60 = Rs. 10392.00
General used Weight Kg/Feet = 2.500 *40=100 Kg @ 41 = Rs.4100.00
Ultimate saving =Rs. 6292. % of Savings = 153%


If ant TMT BAR is OK in physical properties, there should be no bar on the Chemical Properties, if the material is used in the normal building of upto 8 to 10 stories. There may be restrictions on carbon and sulphur but for normal use- phosphorus must be relaxed.

Similarly, for I section the ISI norms must be compulsorily followed, if the material is used in heavy engineering like Bridges or Railway etc; but if it is in general use, the ISI norms must be relaxed.
You are requested to kindly let us know the information regarding the same at your earliest.
Thanking You,

Satish Chand Goel,
President, Association of Steel Rolling Mills & Furnaces,

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