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Steel News


About us

eSteel Market is more than a website for not only a common man as well as the businessman, this is why because in daily life we should be updated about our concerned industries/business as well as overall market.

That's what eSteel market does, yes, eSteel Market keeps each and every moment of yours updated with what and where is going on regarding steel industry and what should you do to get benefit from the steel market. Let us know how.

Our History

eSteel Market is joint effort and idea of two new blooded companies CoDe JaMMeR Technologies and eSteel Market and they thought to provide every person a single platform to handle their deals and investment in steel market all over the world.

In order to connect the entire secondary steel industry of India eSteel Market was conceptualized where manufacturers can exhibit their products and connect with customers all over India/world directly without having to pay commissions to the middle men.

Thought process behind this effort is only to facilitate end consumer who is beaten up by middle men who generate their benefits. Let's see how:

  1. Consumers will also get facilitated to suss out locally available products/services as well as of other manufacturers from different communities.
  2. Consumer can do research and compare the quality of the products available in the market
  3. Consumers can directly contact the manufacturer by their choice
  4. Consumers can check events which are going to affect steel market.
  5. Consumers can check the latest manufacturer price from the market.

What we do

We as a platform, update ourselves with each and every event/news in the steel market either from local small manufacturer or large scale business. Our task in daily routine is to make you updated in your daily routine. Let’s see how:

  1. We gather info from whole market and refine this according to your need.
  2. We organize events/conferences to keep you intimated that you are on right track.
  3. We make newsletters with more than enough information about steel market.

Our Values

In India steel market is very dynamitic and exciting because prices of steel are changing each and every minute. The portal gives real time prices of various steel products at various hubs in the country and even shows graphs to capture the essence of change in prices in a single look.

Our Mission

We have formed this platform with a theme that “Each buyer should buy and each seller should sell” because if you are not updated about where you have to invest or sell you can’t get profited.

So with the mission of safety of your moving steps in steel market we assure you to provide you the best platform of communication among buyers and sellers

Our Team

Kamal Aggarwal

Kamal Aggarwal

Kamal Aggarwal is a self made man who has been associated with steel industry since 1976 in one form or other.
He has been associated with various industry and trade organizations since 1978 and has the distinction of being the longest serving Hon. Gen Sec. of the AIIFA (about 22 years). He is considered as an expert of steel industry and his advise has been taken by steel and finance ministry time and gain in matters related to secondary steel industry.
Nimit Aggarwal

Nimit Aggarwal
(Marketing Advisor)

In his capacity as Advisor - Global Sales & Marketing, Nimit is responsible for leading the highly strategic and rapidly developing operations for e Steel Market. He is a master in business administration and successfully running a financial consultancy firm.
Nishank Gupta

Nishank Gupta
(Chief Technical Officer)

The boundless possibility of trying out and the instant knowledge of the outcome that stimulates one for further analysis of a rationale in question' is what Nishank find most appealing in Information Technology or Computer Science. Nishank, After completing his MSc. Web Technology from The University Of Southamton (UK)
Nishant Aggarwal

Nishant Aggarwal
(Industrial Advisor)

Nishant Aggarwal is a post graduate in structural engineers. He has been associated with civil and power industry from last 9 years. He has been technical advisor to various MNC's regarding the type of reinforcement to be used in various structures. He is fluent with almost all international design codes and has designed and supervised construction of many heavy structures.
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